Deep Session 01
Sep 2, 2020
No Signal Session 03
Jan 28, 2020
No Signal Session 02
Jan 18, 2020
Clubbin' Session 01
Dec 13, 2019
No Signal Session 01
Dec 13, 2019
Onuray Bal
Onuray Bal, was born on the 30 November 1996 in Izmir, started his career inspired by his cousin at a young age. Studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering at METU NCC also working as a producer and DJ at Radio ODTU KKS for years. Professionally DJing since 2015. Mainly producing Deep House, G-House & Electro House musics. Released "Jook That" got many popular Youtube channels' attention and listened by many people. His tracks are released by famous Turkish DJ & producers Deeperise and Emrah Is's label (Ace Kings Music, Million Records). His track "Fill Your Life" released by Lotus Music and streamed over 60K on Spotify!