Nikki Pool Party Summer 21
Oct 11, 2021
LiveDJSet Catch 02
Feb 6, 2020
LiveDJSet Catch 01
Feb 6, 2020
LiveDJSet PalmSeaside 01
Feb 6, 2020
Morgan Leobet

Growing up on the French Riviera, Morgan Leobet's music selection has the colors and vibes of the area. His library is filled with various genres dipping into Funk, Afro, House, and Disco. A melting pot of music that always leads to a unique and groovy selection.

After residing for several years in Bali and performed for some of the most well-known venues on the island, he took base in Phuket to become one of the resident DJ at Catch Beach Club.

With experience from Europe to Asia over the last decade, Morgan is willing to share his love for music the best way he can.