Anıl Arun Sir Winston - (Late)
Jun 4, 2020
Anıl Arun Sir Winston - (Middle)
Jun 3, 2020
Anıl Arun Sir Winston - (Early)
Jun 3, 2020
Anıl Arun

He debuted his DJ career in 2016. The artist showcases his music in the "Techno, Melodic Techno" genre . Anil Arun has performed in major festivals and famous nightclubs in different parts of Turkey ,especially in Istanbul, and has also performed in numerous special parties with great sound. It joined Power FM in 2019.He has achieved great acclaim in the audience with his live performance and music.Nowadays he presents his music to his listeners on electronic music radios such as " Radio 2019 and Technoise Radio" outside Power FM.

Genre: Techno,Melodic Techno


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İnstagram – Anilarunxx