Live Set:1
Nov 18, 2021
Evren-i Seyyah
Born on 24/11/1984 in Kadıköy/Istanbul, his real name is Emre EVREN. 
He graduated from the A.K.U State Conservatory, department of western music, in 2012.
In 2016, he graduated from Muğla S.K. He completed his pedagogical formation education
at the University. In addition to his music teaching profession, he has been continuing his career as a sound artist,
musician & live DJ for many years with festivals, events and youtube projects.
With the guitar, keyboard instruments he uses in the live dj music concept of "Evreni Seyyah",
he uses his personal Turkish and foreign vocal melodies in electronic music sub-music.
Enjoying bringing together major and minor melodies and dance rhythms with people
in his live performances, "Evreni Seyyah" can perform melodic techno, ethereal techno &
progressive house music styles as well as deep house music variants.