Turkish Mix Session 1
Feb 26, 2020
Göktuğ Üstünel

He was born in Istanbul's / Üsküdar district in December 1989.
He completed his Primary Education Period in Kumkapı 'TEVFİK KURT' primary school.
He completed his secondary school at 'AVCILAR DENİZKÖŞKLER İKÖĞRETİM'.
High school is '50. He completed the YEAR at İNSA HIGH SCHOOL.
He stopped his higher education at ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY.
'Goktuğ', who was known for his excessive interest in music and electronics during his high school years, began to deal with music as an amateur at home. This process started in early 2001, he was mainly a music lover and listener, and was directed to a program where he played music thanks to a friend of Göktuğ who was very good with computers.
He enjoyed a lot of fun in these plays, he was self-taught over time, he was still completely professional in many music programs and designs, he still managed to do this even though it took a long time to come, which he could create in his mind, at the time he became completely prussian about the use of setup and DJ equipment,
 Turkey's Famous Artists in a Multi-Site Night Club and DJs worked with even scored remix of some of the album, Abroad Stole Special Party and Night Cluber, Same Time Doing the Tonmeisterlik and Album Regulations.
  One Çork Continues to Perform in Different Styles and Different Concepts.
He continued to meet with music lovers on digital platforms with his own single albums and remixes, and one day he was working with POWER FM family.
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