Can Berk - Oldies But Goldies
21 Mayıs 2024
Can Berk - Sortie Section
15 Kasım 2023
Can Berk - Gummy Deep
15 Kasım 2023
Can Berk - Rainy Ride Organic
14 Kasım 2023
Can Berk

Born in Istanbul in 2000, Can Berk showed an early interest in art. Even during his primary school years, he was fascinated with drawing pictures, creating caricatures, and experimenting with graffiti. In high school, he continued to explore his artistic side by using the name "Leon" to create graffiti art in various parts of Istanbul. Also, he developed a passion for DJing during the same years.

Deepening his passion for art and design during his time studying Visual Communication Design at Işık University, Can Berk has created stock photography, won distinguished achievement and finalist awards field of design and started DJing, combining his artistic and musical talents.

Can Berk is a curious and open-minded individual who is always eager to learn and explore new ideas. He is dedicated to continuously improving himself by combining his unique set of talents and skills.