Unreal Mood
26 Mart 2024
Kaan Ağaoğlu

Kaan is an electronic music artist based in Istanbul. He was introduced to electronic music at a very young age and his passion for music soon led him to a professional music career.

Working as a music director in many venues in Istanbul, Kaan performs at venues known for his musical vision and talents, and contributes to the creation of the music of these venues with his DJ team.

He has been teaching at Pioneer DJ Academy since 2019 and is currently one of the youngest trainers at 22. Despite his young age, he inspires new generation DJs with his experience and knowledge.
While transferring his talents to students, he also continues his own musical development.

In addition, Kaan regularly publishes his sets on Power FM's Power APP platform, which reaches wide audiences, and manages to reach music lovers with his unique music.

DJ Kaan became a prominent name in the music industry at a young age. He has proven himself with his creativity, music director skills and teaching experience. He not only plays the music he likes, but also aims to give the audience joyful moments. In addition to his role as a Resident DJ in Paolina Suadiye, he continues to offer an energetic and unforgettable experience to the audience in his performances in Istanbul's famous venues.


Instagram: @kaanmusiic