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Aykut Karataş
He started his musical life by playing drums at the age of 10, and this has played a major role in the development of his rhythm and musical ear since his childhood.
He met guitar at the age of 13 and got into music professionally and thanks to these talents, he took the stage by playing Darbuka and Guitar in many venues.
At the age of 16, he met a new world called DJing, which would completely change his life and began to improve his music ear.
Aykut KARATAŞ, who improved herself by removing the infrastructure of Deep House, House and foreign music with guitar and drumstick, looked at DJ as a passion and love and
The adventure of being a Dj had surrounded him from head to toe at this age.
At the age of 17, he started his DJ researches with videos and took the first step of his career as a DJ by purchasing a small-scale device and applying what he saw in the video on that device.
Aykut KARATAŞ, who developed and learned in her own time, was educated in a professional DJ training school and started her career as a DJ.
After successfully completing the training, Aykut KARATAŞ completed her first stage in Taksim Glow and started performing in venues that are the heart of nightlife, including the AYI PUB-KAFE PI-Mon Ange-Sky club.
Aykut Karataş, who went to Antalya for the summer season after announcing the names of the venues in Istanbul in 2017, started DJing, and Aykut KARATAŞ, who succeeded in promoting his music and style to more people, received offers from abroad many times.
Turkey's Bodrum No. 2018 and in 2019 the outstanding work very sürdürdü.b generation, especially the provinces of Antalya (Adana, Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Tekirdag) and took the stage.
It started with Power FM in late 2018 and the episode was replaced by POWER FM DJ Cast.
2019 on behalf of Turkey's most famous and rap community 'VELET and CANBAY Wolk took scenes.