29 Temmuz 2020

Born on Nov. 21. 11.1968, Hakan Türkürer's continously exploring career began with the awareness of the overwhelming interest in sound technologies and electronic systems which also impelled him to study sound engineering. He made a step towards to DJing after having realized the enthusiasm to keep himself interested and challenged with music. He had his first experience with Metronom Music in DJing before performing in celebrated night clubs such as M&M, Bodrum Hadigari, Pasha, Laila, Nu Pera, Buz Ada, Nardis, Tonique & Balance. In 1996, he established Main Production-DJ Management Serving-DJ Sound Systems & Djing.

        In order to fulfill his desire of producing music and to go a step forward in Djing, he formed a band called Main Project which has been making live performances successfully in Jazz, Soul, Funk, Ethnic and House styles in reputable clubs and party stages since the beginning of 2000. His creative spirit conduced to working with well-known talents such as Önder Focan, Mercan Dede and Hüsnü Senlendirici and producing tracks to various albums; Fusion Monster-Onbesli, Mercan Dede; From Constantinopolis to Istanbul Compilation-Hos Seda, Hüsnü Senlendirici, Özgür Özberk; The Future Sound of Istanbul-House Workz Compilation, various Turkish DJs and producers; Dem-Istanbul Calling Vol.2 with Ali Sural) Power XL extra Lounge Vol. 4 - Anadolu Gecesi. Hakan Türkürer does not set any limit to his DJ performances and usually interpretes Ethnic, Jazz, Bossa, Soul, Funk, House and Tech-House styles.