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Apr 20, 2020
Erkan Kara

Musician, producer, DJ and tech-melodic house music enthusiast alike. Erkan Kara was born in Germany, he developed an interest in disk jockeying, started to practice and ended up playing vinly records. At the age of 25 in 2010, Kara got the attention of producers by finishing the Miller Music Factory DJ Contest, in third place. In 2011 he won the Beck's Winter DJ Contest in Turkey. Kara joined the Movida Corona DJ Contest in 2012, the DJ's who compete in this contest are judged and evaluated by the most prominent DJ's of Turkey and finished as a winner. Winning meant that he qualified for the second stage of the contest and he attended the Grand Final in Stockholm. He got through to the final four, after defeating thousands of DJ's from 22 different countries. At present he takes to the stage at TREN as a resident DJ and music director in Trabzon.

In 2014 he started to put this products on the internet marketing as 'Let's Walk, Kaza and Visa Syndrome' A year later, he published 'Alucena and Kick it' under the name of Desperadoz Record Company, any 'New Life, Motian in Your Forward' in 2016. He's recently produced 'House Music, Just a Minute and Blondes'.

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