ugemoods TurkishDeepSounds Series Vol.4
Nov 26, 2020
@Ugemoods @PowerApp @TurkishDeepSounds Series Vol.3
May 9, 2020
@Ugemoods @PowerApp @TurkishDeepSounds Series Vol.2
May 6, 2020
ugemoods TurkishDeepSounds Vol.2
May 3, 2020
Dj Ugemoods

Uğur Erdoğan AKA Ugemoods

Radio DJ / DJ / Producer 

Location : Istanbul 

Genre : House Music  

In my childhood, I used to record the music on the radio to the tapes at home and listened them. This process continued with radio DJing in 2002.

After 4 years, I put my passion for electronic music into practice and tried to touch the hearts in many places by allowing the sound to first pass through my heart and then through the mixer.

I named this synthesis "ugemoods".

The endless journey in the world of music continues.

Hope to meet you at ugemoods ...