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Dj Volt

Volkan Turan(born 20 December 1977, Trabzon/TURKEY) better known by his stage name VOLT is a Turkish DJ&Producer.


VOLT began his DJ career in 2013 and he performs on international  stages,radioshows,online music platforms  (Turkey,Russia,Montenegro,Serbia,Italy,Spain,Greece,Mexico).


A self-proclaimed enthusiast of house music,VOLT skillfully balances the rthym and emotional depth of the genre,taking listeners on a musical journey that alternates between melancholic and euphoric feelings within the various subgenres of house music.


Furthermore,the initial releases of his tracks Stay With Me and Il Padrino was published by Ethno Electronica,Greece    which is an important milestone in his music career.


VOLT is recognized as a dj&producer who makes you feel the rhythm with his music&performances and he continious to make his mark in the music industry.


Stay tune  and feel the beat with VOLT  who  identify music like journey of life


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